Unloading and Stockpiling

MTI Logistics and Montgomery Trucking Co. work with pipeline companies planning and coordinating the logistics of transporting the pipe from the steel mill to the pipeline right of way.  This entails planning the locations for the pipe to be stockpiled in advance of the construction.  Stockpile locations depend upon what mode of transportation will be utilized to transport the pipe to the stockpile near the pipeline right of way.  The transportation is facilitated by truck, rail, barge or ocean going vessel.  Often all modes of transportation will be utilized for large projects that span hundreds of miles.  When the logistics of the pipe transportation to the points near the proposed right of way are determined, the company can send qualified personnel out into the field and procures storage yards that are leased and prepared for the arrival of the pipe. 

Crews are utilized at each end of the transportation points that are experienced in the handling of the pipe to mitigate the possibility of damage to either the body of the pipe or the beveled ends.  The pipe is racked in a manner that is specified by the pipeline company.  The numbers of layers in the rack are often limited so that the pipe racks do not become unstable or cause potential damage to the pipe while in the storage yard. 

The pipe is usually racked on earth berms that provide a much larger bearing surface than wooden skids.  Site selection for the storage yard is made with the consideration for ease of establishing the drainage and the surface of the yard so it can be utilized with the least amount of preparation while providing safe and easy access to the highways that will lead to the right of way.  Often, the yard will require improved roads to be installed so that the heavy trucks and loading equipment can maneuver into and out of the yards without problems.   In some cases the material for the improved roads is installed in a manner to allow the material to be removed after project completion bringing the stockpile yard back to pre construction conditions.