In business since 1980, MTI Logistics is committed and dedicated to providing transportation logistics and consulting services nationwide. MTI Logistics' skilled and experienced logistics team provides project management and outsourcing on a project by project basis or establishes an ongoing relationship capable of facilitating the entire traffic function including unloading and stockpiling.

MTI Logistics saves our customers time and money while also adding value to their transportation needs.

3Time savings
2Cost savings
1Value-added services

There is a difference between working with a brokerage and utilizing the services of MTI Logistics. Our main goal is to arrange the most cost effective and efficient transportation of goods from original purchase to final end use and provide a single source form of contact from the planning stage to the delivery of any transportation process.


Allow MTI Logistics a logistics and consulting company, to become your
"Partner in Transportation".

Consider MTI Logistics as an extension to your traffic department. By calling us, our customers realized that they could get back to their core business. They didn't have to spend all day hunting for trucks, worry about after-hour emergencies or follow up to make sure the order and billing were correct. MTI Logistics has established strong and positive relationships with other motor carriers, railroads and barge lines, to assist us with the most efficient transportation possible.
We are supported by many large specialized flatbed carriers, which allows us considerable control when coordinating a time-sensitive project.


Our pricing is very competitive because we have maintained an efficient operation. We utilize the carrier that can handle the shipment and bring the most value to the logistics function, the short-term savings will come from recognizing potential shipments that can be reorganized as back-hauls, round-trips, consolidations, continuous movements and dedicated equipment movements.
MTI Logistics also saves our customers money when the services of a storage yard are needed. Our mobile crews facilitate the handling and stockpiling of goods at rail sidings throughout the United States and we also assist with third party inspection of loading, unloading, handling and load securement.
We have provided long-term savings to those customers who have given us full commitment and dedication to plan and coordinate all traffic functions. Our customers trust us and feel we have given them time to concentrate on core business planning which, in turn, provides cost savings. (IE; time is money!)


Value is one of the hardest cost savings to see, however, MTI Logistics is committed to offering the best and most efficient service to our customers. Management backs up this commitment with honesty, integrity and over sixty six years of solid, business experience.
MTI Logistics offers many benefits that our customers refer to as "value-added". Liability stops at a safe, legal carrier; therefore, we shield our customers from liability by ensuring that:

  • Equipment has been properly maintained
  • Drivers have been screened and trained
  • Compliance with DOT documented

The cost of transportation is not the price quoted but the assurance of safe delivery.