Lewie Montgomery Trucking Co. was founded in 1945. Jimmy Montgomery started working for the company full time in 1970. He worked in all segments of the pipeline stringing industry until buying the company from his father in 1980. In 2010, Jason Hunt, Jimmy's nephew, was promoted to President of both Montgomery Trucking Co. and MTI Logistics.

Combined the companies string hundreds of miles of large diameter pipeline projects per year for various pipeline companies and or contractors.  The majority of the contracts let to us are as a sub contractor through pipeline contractors; however several projects each year are awarded from Oil & Gas companies directly to us.  Additional services include unloading and stockpiling for pipeline companies and steel mills at remote storage areas before the pipeline construction begins.  The companies also perform hauling and stringing for most of the pipe suppliers nationally.  This segment of the business is primarily small diameter pipeline projects and is generally conducted out of the coating plants to small gathering and distribution sites.

The core business for the companies consists of loading, unloading, hauling and stringing pipe in 60’ and 80’ lengths.  Montgomery Trucking Co. has a fleet of steerable pole trailers that enable the long loads to be transported into storage yards and pipeline right of ways around the country.  The specialized hauling is performed by a group of very experienced drivers who have many years of experience with the hazardous loads.  Almost all the drivers that work full time for the company have more than 10 years experience and the larger percentage have tenure exceeding 20 years.  The steerable pole trailers are equipped with large metal chocks/blocks that are adjusted so the pipe is held precisely in place while being transported over uneven terrain.  The trailers are engineered so the rear tandem axle steers near the same tracks as the tractor by using cables that alternate from one side of the tractor to the opposite sides of the trailer.   The bolster on the trailer has a turn table that allows the trailer to steer.     

We along with our customers demand that all safety procedures are followed at all times.  Montgomery Trucking Co. has been responsible for many of the safety innovations regarding transportation and handling of line pipe that have been created over the years.  This includes the precise blocking and securing of loads; as an example when taking discharge from ocean going vessels the company builds precise dunnage for the safe transportation of the pipe.  The company utilizes cranes and aluminum end hooks on most small diameter pipeline projects and excavators and vacuum lifts are used on most large diameter projects for the pipe handling. 
The over length loads of pipe are often delivered into very adverse terrains and conditions requiring more than typical load securing techniques.  All of the trucks utilized in our transportation operations are equipped with towing packages that allow the truck and trailer to be towed in adverse conditions.  When conditions get too bad for the stringing truck to go down the right of way the pipe is trans-loaded to equipment that has high floatation tires that can traverse the mud or deep sand on the right of way. 

Montgomery Trucking Co. utilizes safety supervisors on projects.  The safety supervisors have many functions, but primarily they make sure that all transportation functions are performed in the safest manner possible.  This includes that proper loading, load securement and unloading operations are adhered to.  The equipment utilized on pipeline projects is subject to excessive wear and tear because of the harsh conditions that are encountered on the pipeline right of ways.  This requires hour by hour inspection of all equipment which is performed by the truck drivers and safety supervisors. The proper routes to and from the right of way requires working with company and contractor personnel to assure that no vehicle travels onto unauthorized roads.  Additionally project safety supervisors coordinate with the company on the amount of pipe to be strung on the right of way each day.  The stringing progress must be constantly assessed as to not pass the front end crews of the pipeline contractor and insure staying ahead of the bending and welding crews.  The number of trucks on the project depends upon the number of loads a truck can make per day and the number of loads needed to have the proper amount of stringing progress per day that is required.  

The motto of the companies has always been, Safety First – Service Always, which points out the importance of Safety in the pipeline stringing business.  Normal truck transportation is a hazardous business but when you add in large diameter pipe that wants to roll, in 80’ joint lengths on a steerable pole trailer going down the highway with cars all around that want to cut the truck off at every corner, the need for 100% attention to safety is an attitude that every person in our company must have at all times.  Whatever amount of time is needed to perform our service safely is the amount of time that is utilized.